Sunday, January 15, 2012

4 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training is Awesome

Build Functional Muscle

A kettlebell workout routine helps to build strong, functional muscles that you just won't get by using machines. Functional, "go" muscle will help you in all situations that you experience in life, sports etc. When you work out on a machine, you are isolating one very small muscle group (something that rarely happens in real life). Kettlebell workouts are based on real-life movements such as: plowing a field, lifting something overhead, squatting to lift something, or picking things up and raising them above your shoulder

Improve Endurance

Running and weight training are very common activities for when you visit your gym. When you combine these two types of physical exercise, you are attempting to create a workout that is made up of both cardio and strength training. When training with an adjustable kettlebell, however, you can accomplish both of these at the same time. These versatile and powerful pieces of equipment can accomplish in one stroke what used to take you several different workouts.

Ever-Changing Routines

Although it does not take too many kettlebell exercises to comprise a full-fledged, effective routine, there is an endless number of variations on them all. You can do any dumbbell exercises with a kettlebell, as well as exercises built on the basic kettlebell swing. You will never run out of new kettlebell exercises to try.

Only 1 Is Needed

If you're short on space, or are looking for something to workout with at you're home, the kettle bell is perfect. By it's very nature, you only need one kettlebell to do a full kettlebell workout. While there are many exercises that you can do, one is all you really need.

I highly recommend that you start your kettlebell training right away. It is one of the best ways to build flexibility, stamina, coordination mobility and balance all in one.

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